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The ship definitions contained within the .zip archives are in .X file format unless otherwise specified. They can be converted to other formats using 3D packages such as Truespace, Rhino or a neat little utility called 3DWin. Please note that when viewing the ships on the shipyard pages of this web site, the models will all appear to be approximately the same size, i.e. a Tharglet appears the same size as a Thargoid. This is purely for ease of viewing on the web page, the downloadable versions all retain their original scale.
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BBC Elite
BBC Elite 2
Archimedes Elite
Gouraud Shaded - BBC Elite
Gouraud Shaded - BBC Elite 2
Gouraud Shaded - Archimedes Elite
Design your own! - Archimedes Elite
Textured - Experimental


BBC ship definitions in .zip archive
BBC ship definitions 3DS in .zip archive
BBC 2 ship definitions in .zip archive
ArcElite ship definitions in .zip archive
Textured ship definitions in .zip archive