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Welcome to Java Elite ships, a site devoted to the original Elite game and it's space craft. Check out the Shipyard for a more detailed look at all of the ships.

You'll notice that this site is an almost exact visual replica of my first Elite site. So why bother? Well, unlike the original site that relied on the functionality of IE4 and DirectX 6, this site uses a home written Java applet to render the ships in real time, making it less platform dependent.

Throughout the site, you can control the rate of X/Y rotation using the mouse and Start/Stop the animation using the mouse button. With the mouse pointer located centrally over the animation there will be minimal rotation, moving outwards will progressively increase rotation in the plane in which the mouse is moving.

22/05/2002: Created a new applet to allow custom paint schemes. The individual palette entries for each of the ships on this page can be tailored to suit. How about a bright orange Viper?

22/02/2002: On the Shipyard page there is now a link to some experimental work on texture mapping. I have extended the Java applet to include per face texture mapping of .gif or .jpg images.

19/12/2001: On the Shipyard page there is now the option of rendering the ships with Gouraud shading. The results are arguably more realistic at the expense of a slight performance hit.

09/11/2001: Models now include specular lighting to give the impression of light from a distant star reflecting on the glossy surface of the ship.

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Last updated 22/05/2002
This site ©2001 Neil Wallis
Original game ©1984 David Braben and Ian Bell