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Latest updates

WebGL Demo 1

Simple rotating textured cube with alpha.
WebGL Demo 1

PHP Data Pivot

Dynamic data pivot using PHP, MySQL and Javascript.
PHP Data Pivot demo

PHP Data Subtotals

Dynamic data subtotalling using PHP, MySQL and Javascript.
PHP Data Subtotals demo

HTML5 Graph

A simple data-driven bar graph demonstrating use of canvas, animation, paths, gradient fills and text literals.
HTML5 graph demo


Significant changes to the NW3D render pipeline and camera movement mean a new version number.
V2 changes


I've retrofitted NW3D with a wireframe mode, which can be useful for engine debugging.
Wireframe demo


Demonstrates the use of a skybox to give the impression of a vast world. A large, non-translating cube with inward facing texture mapped faces provides the illusion.
Skybox demo

Collision Detection

The NW3D engine now incorporates collision detection. This articles explains the algorithm used and includes a demo using a basic scene created with objects from the 'objectfactory' construction class.
Collision Detection demo

Use of Lathe and Path objects

I explain how path objects and the 'latheobject' method of the 'objectfactory' class can be used to quickly and easily create solid geometries.
Lathe and Path demo

HTML5 Clock

An animated clock demonstrating use of canvas state manipulation, canvas rotation, paths, gradient fills, shadows and text literals.
HTML5 clock demo

Use of multiple, coloured lights

Implements two animated, coloured lights within the scene. Also uses the 'objectfactory' class to generate a planet and two moons.
Multiple, coloured lights demo

Silverlight Gauge Control

A simple analogue percentage gauge control that could be used as a performance indicator, perhaps using traffic lights colour-coding.
Silverlight gauge demo

Java Water Simulation

Explanation and interactive demonstration of a simple water simulation applet.
Water simulation demo

Java Bump Mapping

An explanation and interactive demonstration of 2D bump mapping using Java applets.
Bump mapping demo

Java Dogfight Game

A two-player aerial combat game where each player controls a WWI-style biplane equipped with a primitive machine gun.
Dogfight game